I love VF2,but there are a few things that would be nice to have in the next version.
1. More interaction between family members. And pets. Maybe have them throw a stick or a ball for them to play with.And for family members it would be nice if the parents could scold children for bad behavior. Put them in time out,in a chair in the corner maybe.The kids could play together and maybe even fight with each other like real siblings.when one gets a boardgame out,they could all play together.

2. The ability to change the wall colors,remodel the kitchen and bathroom.This could be something for a higher generation.

3. It's really annoying that they won't use the tables you buy.why even have them! And PLEASE make it so they will eat the holiday food.No fun having the food to put on table and they won't eat it. Would REALLY be cool if you could buy stuff for them for Christmas and wrap them for under the tree and they unwrap them.I usually put toys under it.

4. I like the idea some have said about being able to keep the clothes we buy and change their clothes a lot more.

5. Instead of the mother carrying the baby around all the time,it should have a crib she can put it in. The parents would feed it,bathe it,and change diapers.other kids could peek at baby in crib. Would be cool if baby would crawl as it got older.

6. Please make it so when it snows the snow will stick and they could shovel snow and make snowman and throw snowballs.A change of seasons would be nice too.

7. More occurrences. More furniture and stuff to buy as generations proceed.

Hope maybe you will like some of these suggestions and implement a few. And PLEASE PLEASE make all the VV available for Android. My KINDLE fire is android and I can only get VV origins and VF2
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