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#237442 - 10/30/14 07:01 PM Re: Virtual Families 2 behavior [Re: anthony20tyu]
Gynnypur Offline

Registered: 09/30/14
Posts: 15
Loc: Virginia
I love VF2,but there are a few things that would be nice to have in the next version.
1. More interaction between family members. And pets. Maybe have them throw a stick or a ball for them to play with.And for family members it would be nice if the parents could scold children for bad behavior. Put them in time out,in a chair in the corner maybe.The kids could play together and maybe even fight with each other like real siblings.when one gets a boardgame out,they could all play together.

2. The ability to change the wall colors,remodel the kitchen and bathroom.This could be something for a higher generation.

3. It's really annoying that they won't use the tables you buy.why even have them! And PLEASE make it so they will eat the holiday food.No fun having the food to put on table and they won't eat it. Would REALLY be cool if you could buy stuff for them for Christmas and wrap them for under the tree and they unwrap them.I usually put toys under it.

4. I like the idea some have said about being able to keep the clothes we buy and change their clothes a lot more.

5. Instead of the mother carrying the baby around all the time,it should have a crib she can put it in. The parents would feed it,bathe it,and change diapers.other kids could peek at baby in crib. Would be cool if baby would crawl as it got older.

6. Please make it so when it snows the snow will stick and they could shovel snow and make snowman and throw snowballs.A change of seasons would be nice too.

7. More occurrences. More furniture and stuff to buy as generations proceed.

Hope maybe you will like some of these suggestions and implement a few. And PLEASE PLEASE make all the VV available for Android. My KINDLE fire is android and I can only get VV origins and VF2
Hiss Less,Purr More.


#237715 - 12/27/14 11:50 PM Slower game speeds [Re: AinoPtk]
AinoPtk Offline

Registered: 07/18/14
Posts: 3
Still after half a year I could say the only problem in this game is the fast game speed. I only have time to visit my virtual family about once a day and all peeps get older way too fast.

I could even pay for a slower game speed. In fact I've spent 200€ for a nintendo3ds so I could buy and play quality games. Then I spent over 100€ for Tomodachi life, animal crossing and harvest moon games, but nothing meets my needs as well as virtual families.

Please make slower game speeds to VF2. And please could someone from ldw answer anything so I could know you have seen this.. smile

#237717 - 12/28/14 08:39 PM Re: Slower game speeds [Re: AinoPtk]
Xay Administrator Offline
Senior Customer Support Lead

Registered: 02/18/07
Posts: 2123
Loc: Colorado, US
We read everything on the forums, and take all suggestions into consideration when making new games, and at times, when updating existing games. We don't always have the time to reply to every suggestion, but each one is read by us.
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#238103 - 04/08/15 11:57 PM VF Event Idea (Spoilers?)
Cashew Offline

Registered: 04/01/15
Posts: 12
I composed an idea for a Virtual Families event... I suppose it would belong in this forum. Just a suggestion, after all; no need to be official.

(Ophelia will be the child in this event, while Lux will be the parent. Examples.)

Event: Tracking the Trail

While Ophelia began her everyday backyard adventures, she immediately found a pair of muddy tracks buried in the wet earth. Ophelia’s shoe prints are mixed in with these tracks; making them unable to be identified; however, they seem quite exotic and foreign. After an examination, Lux determines that the animal’s footprints lead OUTSIDE of the home, and that the immediate threat to Ophelia is very low. However, the animal service department has warned against such encounters.

1: Call the animal service department
2: Investigate yourself

What hypocrites! A team from the town’s services comes to investigate, but then chickens out; scoffing at the prints and calling them “illegitimate”. Lux is furious; his precious daughter Ophelia would never lie! Luckily, before Lux is able to lash out at the authorities, a wild-looking ranger by the name of Hoffengeiser apologizes, leaving a “welcome” mat to the family for their troubles. It’s actually kind of nice.

Lux and Ophelia search every nook and cranny of the yard like children, but find nothing. However, Ophelia insists on her fidelity. As an extra safety measure, Lux’s beautiful wife makes a reminder to lock the doors that night to protect the family.


I also wrote another event, about a liquid (Virtual Villagers-esque, right?); however, the liquid can cause possibly PG-rated harm to a family member. An event I have received involved an explosive which resulted in no injury, however I am not sure if such an event will be considered.

These events are submitted just for fun; however, if by the slightest, strangest chance one will want to use this, feel free to. I don't mind.

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