There are many methods and applications available to do image manipulation in both Windows and Mac OS X. Those familiar with image capture and editing can feel free to use whatever methods are most comfortable for them. The following instructions contain the most basic ways to obtain screen shots using the built-in functions of the Windows and Mac operating systems.

To create a screen shot in Windows, follow these steps:

1. Press Alt-PrtSc to copy the game screen onto the Windows clipboard. (You may need to use PrtSc or Shift-PrtSc, depending upon your computer, and some keyboards have a Function key that must be pressed to use Print Screen.)
2. Open Microsoft Paint (Usually Start=>All Programs=>Accessories)
3. Press Ctrl+V to paste the contents of the clipboard into Paint
4. Save the file as a jpeg

To create a screen shot in Mac OS X, follow these steps:

1. Simultaneously press Command+Shift+3 to capture the entire screen or Command+Shift+4 to allow you to select a region with your mouse to capture (by dragging over a desired area of the screen).
2. The screen shot will automatically be saved and placed on your desktop.

There are several ways to get your picture into your post:

The first, which is free and easy, is to have your pictures available on a web site in order to link to them from your post in the forum. There are many free picture hosting sites, such as or that you can upload your pictures to. Once you have uploaded your pictures, copy the link to your picture and paste it into your post using the "Enter an image" button in the post editing window. Most hosting sites have tutorials that explain how to link to your pictures.

You could also just attach your picture using the file manager. If you want to attach a file to your post, you must use the Reply or New Topic function, since the Quick Reply function will not provide access to the file manager. To attach a file to your post, click on File Manager in the Post Options section of the Posting Form, which will open the File Manager Screen. The file(s) you wish to attach can be added using the input field and the buttons. A simple way to specify the file name and location is to use the Choose file button and navigate to the desired file on your computer (in iOS, tap "Choose Existing). Once the file name is displayed in the input field, click on the Add button to add that file to the File Manager. The file will be listed at the top of the File Manager page. To add more files, repeat the process for each additional file. As you add files, they will also be displayed at the top of the file Manager page. When you are finished attaching files, click the Done Adding Files button. You will be returned to your post, and the number of files that you added will be displayed next to the File Manager link. After you click Submit, the files will be listed as individual attachments at the bottom of your post. To display an attached picture in your post, you can click on the attachment link, copy the url from your browser, go back and edit your post and use the "Enter an image" button (3rd from the left) to paste the link to your picture into. When you click Change Post, the picture will be displayed in your post.

To capture a screen shot on an iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons. If your sound isn't muted, you will hear a camera sound and the screen will flash. You can find the captured image in your Photos app on the device, where you can email it to yourself or use another application to share it.

The ability to capture a screen shot on an Android device depends upon the model of the device and the version of Android OS you are using. Not all devices are capable of capturing screen shots without the use of additional tools. You'll need to consult your device's user manual to determine if/how screen shots can be captured.
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