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#53375 - 02/15/07 11:32 PM [SPOILERS] Stew recipe guides
LadyCFII Administrator Online

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17354
Loc: Colorado
The attached files contain guides to making stew in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children. These files have been created in several different formats, ranging from illustrated recipe books in PDF format to Excel spreadsheets. The creator of each guide is noted in the file name. Thanks to everyone who prepared these guides for our community! smile

NOTE: To get rid of a stew that you no longer want, you can either wait for it to disappear, or you can quit your game and launch it again (or switch to a different game slot and switch back). laugh

bajantara'sfirststewbook.pdf (5441 downloads)
bajantara's 2-up stew book.pdf (1838 downloads)
Village_Monk's Herb Study-PDF.pdf (1804 downloads)
miwts's favorite recipes.pdf (981 downloads)
QuickStorm' (866 downloads)
sfrose's (414 downloads)
Village_Monk's Herb (502 downloads)
Ali's VV2 Stew (610 downloads)
IBteri's (490 downloads)

Last Day of Work

#57360 - 02/22/07 02:40 PM Re: [SPOILERS] Stew recipe guides [Re: LadyCFII]
LadyCFII Administrator Online

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17354
Loc: Colorado
For people who are unable to view or use the files above, Borg has kindly compiled the information contained in them into a text format.

Borg's Favorite Recipes:

W - White Lily  B - Blue Rose  P - Purple Flower
V - Black Vine  R - Red Herb   O - Orange Blossom

   Good? Message
VOO  X   Your villager feels no need to breathe! - PUZZLE13
PPO  X   Stew completely restored your villager - FILLS HEALTH BAR 
ROO  X   Parenting skills? - Sparkly, Embracing
WBP  X   The spicy stew clears villager's nose and throat - Rainbow
BPV  X   The spicy stew clears villager's nose and throat - Rainbow
WRR  X   The stew gave your villager a burst of energy - Dancing
WRO  X   The stew gave your villager a burst of energy - Dancing
RRR  X   The stew gave your villager a burst of energy - Exercising
RRO  X   The stew gave your villager a burst of energy - Exercising
WBR  X   Your villager has to go to the bathroom - Nature is calling!
BRR  X   The stew made your villager tired  
WBV  X   Thirsty! So thirsty!  Getting a drink
BBV  X   Thirsty! So thirsty!  Getting a drink
PRO  X   This stew gives off a very sweet smell - Sparkly
OOO  X   This stew gives off a very sweet smell - Sparkly
WWR  X   This stew is very, very spicy  
WPR  X   This stew is very, very spicy  
BBB  X   Wow! Is your villager allergic to this stew? - Jumpy
BBO  X   Wow! Is your villager allergic to this stew? - Jumpy
WWW  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WWB  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WWP  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WWO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WBB  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WBO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WPP  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WPO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
WOO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BBP  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BBR  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BPP  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BPR  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BPO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BRO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
BOO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
PPP  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating - Rainbow
PPR  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating - Rainbow
PRR  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
POO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating  
VRO  X   Your villager feels healthier after eating - Sparkly
VVV      It burns!  This foul stew is very harmful.  
WVV      The stew made your villager very ill  
BVV      The stew made your villager very ill  
PVV      The stew made your villager very ill  
VVR      The stew made your villager very ill  
VVO      The stew made your villager very ill  
WWV      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
WPV      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
WVR      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
WVO      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
BVR      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
BVO      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
PPV      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
PVR      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
PVO      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  
VRR      This stew is nasty, it really isn't edible  

I hope this helps you become a better chef. smile Note that since B is already for Blue, I used V for Black. I picked V because it is a black -V-ine. If anyone finds errors, PM me with the errors and I will edit and correct this post.      -Borg

I would also like to acknowledge the work of the following people and their guides. They did all the research making the 56 different stews and documenting the results. (all I did was format this reply so you could read it):

bajantara's firststewbook.pdf
bajantara's 2-upstewbook.pdf
miwts's favorite recipes.pdf
Village_Monk's Herb_Study-PDF.pdf
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