Virtual Villagers
Thanksgiving Edition 1.0

Install from here

Instructions to install:

1. Open the zip file with Winzip.
2. Extract to your Virtual Villagers images directory.
(default is C:\Program Files\Virtual Villagers\Images)
3. A backup of the original images is included in case it messes up.
4. Once unzipped, simply run the game.

Changes you will notice:

Turkeys for small brown mushrooms, pumpkins for red ones
Cornucopia thing on the table
Totem pole for statue
Teepees for huts
Bees instead of butterflies
Happy Thanksgiving on a couple screens
Mask is wearing a pilgrim hat
New fruit plant
Golden Child is wearing a pilgrim hat
Plain crosses on the gravestones
Harvesting corn instead of carrots and turnips
Turkey in villager detail screen
Cranberries instead of red and yellow ones (all red now)
Woman inside the school looking out at the ocean
A grazing turkey up by the cactus
Roasted turkey on the research table and on the technology screen

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Edited by LadyCFII (05/04/07 11:13 PM)
Executive Producer
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