courtesy of Village_Monk

Virtual Villagers
Halloween Edition 1.0

Download the file from here
Instructions to install:

1. Open the file with Winzip.
2. Extract to your Virtual Villagers images directory.
(default is “C:\Program Files\Virtual Villagers\Images”)
3. Open the file with winzip
4. Extract to your Virtual Villagers sounds directory
(default is “C:\Program Files\Virtual Villagers\Sounds”)
5. A backup of the original images is included in case it messes up.
6. Once unzipped, simply run the game.

Changes you will notice:

Most of the brown backgrounds have been made Orange
Little spiders on the Game Frame Background and other misc places.
Kids now carry pumpkins instead of mushrooms (both mushrooms look the same)
There is a ghost hiding behind the treasure chest.
Haunted Castle on the main menu.
Shrine replaced with Gargoyle.
Many skeletons laying around the board.
Tombstones were redesigned.
Pumpkin on the research table.
Red eyes in the cave looking at you.
Tombstones next to most of the housing, you know lawn ornaments.
Overview map changed to gargoyle picture
Puzzle solved changed to gargoyle picture
Blood Red highlight circle on villagers
A few other things I forgot to mention I’m sure.

Creepy music replacing the normal music
Maybe sound effects later on

Enjoy this mod.


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