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#243953 - 02/24/24 09:13 PM Legally playing Palm OS/Pocket PC games + H.M VV5?
lorsieab2 Offline

Registered: 03/02/12
Posts: 91
Loc: United States of America
Hi guys!
I've been a longtime fan ever since Virtual Families 2 released. I remember when people were so excited for a new game to release and the forums were buzzing with discussion. Whenever I'd look at the old topics here it's like I'm looking at a time capsule, when people were eagerly sharing their discoveries.

I was always curious about your old games, such as Village Sim, Little Pocket Pet and even the casino games. At the time I'd never heard of a pocket PC before, and wondered what it was like to play them. It seems like people really loved them, judging from the forum posts here. And they were influential too - Village Sim paved the way for Virtual Villagers, after all!

I got to play LPP and VS through some preservation websites and an emulator, and they were really fun. It was cool seeing the villagers' colorful hairstyles and even the pets' cute designs. (I even got a couple mutants!)

Even though Palm OS and Pocket PC have been obsolete for a while, there's been strong efforts to preserve them recently. There's a Palm emulator currently being developed that could allow us to play games on our computers or smartphones. (It's called CloudPilotEmu)
Imagine playing Village Sim, LPP or the OG Tycoon games on a portable PC again! smile

If you haven't played them yet, the Palm games are quite different from their computer versions. For example, Plant Tycoon originally had 4 magic plants, and there were no species names so it's super hard to find them. Village Sim had 12 puzzles instead of Virtual Villagers: A New Home's 16, and Little Pocket Pet doesn't even exist on PC (there ws gonna be some type of sequel that most likely got canceled).

That being said, it would be a shame to let such groundbreaking and cute games fade away into history. Not many people know about your Palm/Pocket PC games. I've been trying to do everything to preserve them, from writing a Plant Tycoon guide to even making my own "Hall of Fame" for Little Pocket Pet. (I could share them here if you're curious) But there's no legal way to obtain the full versions of your Palm/Pocket PC games as of now.

Consider this my humble request. As an avid fan, I would love it if there was an official way to play the full versions of your oldest games. All of them - from the 3 casino games, Fish and Plant Tycoon, Little Pocket Pet and Village Sim. It doesn't feel right to get them unofficially, if you know what I mean.
I'd even be willing to pay a few bucks if that's what it takes.
If your old PC games can be released to the public, then why not these ones? grin
I love all LDW games smile My faves are VV3/4 & VF2!

#243954 - 02/24/24 09:16 PM Re: Legally playing Palm OS/Pocket PC games + H.M VV5? [Re: lorsieab2]
lorsieab2 Offline

Registered: 03/02/12
Posts: 91
Loc: United States of America
Humble request #2:
Would it be possible to release the Heathen Mommy version of Virtual Villagers 5? Even for a short while?

Even though it was a limited release, it's still content that not many people got to play. Most people probably don't even know that a 17th puzzle existed, and there's been some confusion about it in the past. It would be nice to be able to play the "true" full version of VV5, especially since the original version was made free. I mean, it's a whole bonus puzzle that 99% of people never got to play. And it comes with Arthur's little magic touch (that the Heathen Mommy can also be a Heathen Daddy!)
I understand that it might not happen, but it would be very sad if it was lost forever.

I know it's not that much extra content, but if you're a completionist like me, you know what it feels like to miss out on limited-time stuff wink

Thank you for reading,
Lorsieab2 <3
I love all LDW games smile My faves are VV3/4 & VF2!


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