Hey Guys and Gals,
GBU all 2.
Happy holidays from me and mine to you and yours.
My computer "crashed" again several months ago. I got "most of the stuff I had on it back up again. All but my download game. When Origins 1st came out, I went thru IWIN to get it, "thinking" this time backup" plan "if" I had trouble with my computer again. Then I had trouble with the disc and I came here and bought it thru you all. That's the one that I lost when my computer crashed.
I am "retrying" to download my game thru their disc and I'm having trouble getting thru to them on their site.
I'm a "greenhorn" about the computer.
I don't download much with discs.
I inserted it with the "printed label" facing the outside in the "download disc" thing. Nothing came up on my computer telling me it's downloading. I "retried" the other way, with the "glossy silver side" in the same position as the "printed label". Still nothing showed up on my computer.
What am I doing "right or wrong"? Any help would be appreciated.
GBU and yours.