I made a Turquoise/Cyan-Yellow robe recolour:

Also a Purple-Blue/Pink robe recolour:

(I might edit this post to add more wink )

Edit 1: Updated female turquoise robe.
Edit 2: I forgot more details on the female robe to recolour oops. (I am seeing it now because I am recolouring it again to a different colour! I will probably also update the male one when it start working on the second male robe recolour)
Edit 3: Added Female purple recolour. Since there is 5 file limit, I will put some of the preview screenshots on the zip files.
Edit 4: Added Male purple recolour.
Edit 5: I figured out you don't need to add images as attatchments so I added them all now laugh

TurquoiseRobeRecolour-v1.3.zip (157 downloads)
TurquoiseRobeRecolourMale-v1.1.zip (150 downloads)
PurpleRobeRecolour.zip (153 downloads)
PurpleRobeRecolourMale.zip (164 downloads)

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