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#243285 - 07/13/20 01:15 AM Where are poison frogs?
tallyscout Offline

Registered: 07/09/20
Posts: 1
I am having trouble completing puzzles 11 and 12. I need a chief, but the villager I have who is closest to becoming chief needs more "experience" with healing. My problem is my villagers hardly ever get sick. Mostly they get old and die. I have seen on other forums that poison frogs appear making villagers sick and can then be healed. I don't have any poison frogs. Does anyone know how or when they appear? My game will not progress until I can get a chief.

#243286 - 07/13/20 03:48 PM Re: Where are poison frogs? [Re: tallyscout]
Keegan Administrator Offline
Community Manager

Registered: 06/07/18
Posts: 265
Hi there!

We're happy that you're enjoying the game!

Healing is a skill just like any other in the game and it needs to be practiced. In the early stages it can be difficult to train a villager as a healer but dont give up!

Drag and drop a villager onto a sick villager until they start to learn how to heal other villagers. If you dont teach your villager how to become a healer, they will not be of any help to your village.

In a puzzle in Chapter 2, there is a building you'll create that will help train your villagers to become much better healers.

Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for playing!

#243326 - 09/09/20 10:01 PM Re: Where are poison frogs? [Re: Keegan]
crosstitcher Offline

Registered: 05/01/10
Posts: 166
Loc: w. Tn
Hey Guys and Gals,
GBU all 2.
I "finally" got the clay hut built. It is "awesome" to see how pretty it turned out. Wonderful graphics, easy on the eyes. And I "noticed" the builders "don't maintain" it either.
I have another "observation" about the frogs.
I noticed that adults "get sick" and the children "don't" when catching them. Is there a "reason" why that happens?
I'm progressing "slowly" now that I have, "I think", all the huts done.
Now going to "craft" my "last" stuff for the boat. Need, mini eggs, jump potion, and dough. Then I'll "craft" my "forge bucket", "when/if" my gold nuggets "return", as when I get the items for the boat, I'll have enough points for Level 3 in crafting, then I will be able to "work" on the water wheel.
GBU and yours.

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#243815 - 05/14/22 07:21 PM Re: Where are poison frogs? [Re: crosstitcher]
cindyblue Offline

Registered: 04/07/22
Posts: 2
Hi. I have the same problem as the first poster.
I have the BF version. I had no intention of buying medicine 3 until I got a master healer for a chief, but an event in the game gave it to me. Now my healer is living his second life and getting nowhere as no one is getting sick. They just get old and die.
I have never seen a poison frog. Will they show up or should I start over?

You cannot get to chapter 2 without a chief.

Edited by cindyblue (05/14/22 07:35 PM)

#243816 - 05/19/22 09:06 PM Re: Where are poison frogs? [Re: cindyblue]
MissKathy Administrator Offline
Lead Tester

Registered: 06/07/09
Posts: 1254
Loc: California (USA)
Hi cindyblue. Mastering healing can be challenging. It's possible that the poisonous frogs are not part of the BF version. However, you can get a Master Healer with time and patience. Here's something that may speed it up:
Click to reveal..
If you've solved Puzzle 8, your tribe will encounter poisonous snakes while working on solving Puzzle 9. Use them to your advantage.
Lead Tester
Last Day of Work

#243817 - 05/22/22 07:43 PM Re: Where are poison frogs? [Re: MissKathy]
cindyblue Offline

Registered: 04/07/22
Posts: 2
Thanks for the reply. No frogs ever showed up.
However, when I posted I did not realize that you could get Master Healer or Perfect Villager as their lava stone necklace. I had tried it on a skillless villager and never saw that. But when I tried it on my healer with all his other skills at Master, I got Perfect Villager on the 3rd spin.

Thanks for another great game.


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