Hello, long ago I contacted the official Virtual Families page and they sent me to this page. I want to show you this improvement of the music that I made.
Thank you for everything and I hope you like it!
Before starting the video, what I did is improve the sound experience in music without headphones, it does not show much, just a little, but with headphones it will show a lot and it is a better gaming experience. You can contact me if you need more soundtrack with this experience. or sound effects and I'll get the job done!
-Kind regards Adriel
(Excuse me if I have bad English but I am studying)
If you want to feel the experience it is MANDATORY to use headphones

Here is the video:
I also have an idea also put the option to put only audio if you want I can also do it but (obviously I need permissions and more) or maybe not, I do not understand this post much because I barely joined but I will understand
If it's my channel ..... I uploaded MY video making the game experience with the best music
You can contact me at this email:adrielflores125@gmail.com
Thank you

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