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#241503 - 05/22/17 01:03 AM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: Rockmower]
lindasch Offline

Registered: 05/08/17
Posts: 4
2. a door from the back of the cave that is a portal to another part/town. Would have to earn the right to use the portal.
I LOVE this game.

#241525 - 06/05/17 10:06 AM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: lindasch]
Hydra14 Offline

Registered: 04/05/15
Posts: 259
As a newbie here, there's few things, i want to say.
2014-2017 era was the possibly worst era for LDW customers, can't say same for staff because they were probably suffering for even longer time.

What exactly caused this?
From now on, text will be pretty much filled up with my assumptions and they're not meant to be canonical.

First, let's find where it all started.
When i was a kid, every year i used to find one or two new LDW game at reflexive.
As years were passing by, this number got lower and lower.
Before that big break, their last effective release was Virtual Families 2 for Desktop at early 2013 which is also where Casual gaming trend completely relinquished from PC's to Smartphones.

I'm even thinking that this is why Lonely Pets was cancelled.
It's pretty possible that they were remaking Little Pocket Pet for PC's but they realized they chose the wrongest time for it since a LP for PC wouldn't cover up it's costs.

And they did LOADS of things in that period, particularly reworking on all VV's for PC to make them completely compable to new PC's.
But these new versions weren't even supossed to cover up their costs.
They only did it for us, fans (This is what CFII says in a post i read)

And to prevent bankrupting, they had to follow the new trend.
Originally Posted By: Arthur
Hi Everyone!
We have to chase the insane competition on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play, or run the risk of being literally driven out of business. The revenue that used to support our staff from direct sales at is now a tiny fraction of what it used to be. We were really hurting at the end of 2012, and just around last December we were once again saved by sales on mobile.

But it was pretty clear that their current games were just NOT supossed to be mobile. I mean, VV origins has a little popularity since it was reapproached a little to fit new freemium trend and VF2 was their biggest one on mobile which earned a lot of mobile fans to them. but other VV's were just fiascos on android. I think this is where they decided to make a game that is actually supossed to be freemium.

Well, i think most of us are not really fans of freemium approach, but we have to get over it.
We've been waiting so long since they bit more than they could chew. But all of these games have a good reason behind them to be developed;

Virtual Town:They needed a game that was actually meant to be for mobile devices and freemium. Players' ambition for VV Origins and VF2 was going to die eventually.
Virtual Families 3:VF2 was their savior at that point, and it needed to have a sequel.
Virtual Aquarium:Arthur already sparked interest in Fish Tycoon a lot of times and it was a fan favorite. It even had ideal mechanics for a freemium game. It was a win-win since both old fans were happy to see a new FT and they probably earn much from it (I watched loads of commerical to buy exclusive stuff lol :D).
Virtual Villagers 6:Well, i'm sure no one queries why it's being developed. VV series are their gem. A lot of fans want more of it and in last game, story was still open ended. They want to complete story as much as we want to experience it. So a proper VV6 is being made no matter if it (is/isn't) going to cover up it's costs.

We discussed enough of past, i believe. Now as it's a suggestion thread, i have VT suggestions to share.

I think Virtual Town is a two sided game. First side is a typical freemium game.I will call it freemium side.
Freemium side is definitely not well-developed. It's acceptable as it was their first freemium game. But there's a some stuff they need to fix, to make it completely proper Freemium game.
Firstly, it's just TOO easy to get what you want. I mean just catch a few Clorinde butterfly, sell 'em a store and you may already buy a brass shovel which will help you to find loads of minerals n'stuff hidden underneath. I'm not even talking about how easy it is to do some silly drudgery stuff twice a day to get about 1000 bucks.
You may not change easiness of money after this point. But you may make new stuff more precious. I want to see items for 20000, 50000 and even 100000! It's not to encourage people to spend money on this game. But it's to make people keep playing game more while you have time to work for new updates and other stuff. It will also make game more challenging and fun.

And my main suggestion for enchancing Freemium side is to adding minigames. Since VT is a child of VV series, it has limited content, which is a horrible thing for a freemium game. I mean, there's 16 puzzles in VV's and no one is arguing about it since it was a "pay money once and enjoy forever" game. Sometimes i still play VV3 and enjoy it, not even aware that it is repetitive. But VT should never get repetitive. Even if you add much stuff, equal to 30 puzzles for VV, people will find it boring after a while.
What they're going to do after VT story is finished? a VT2 to suffer us? Only way too keep this type of game from beeing repetitive while protecting it's soul i see is, to add minigames.
Maybe they could add skill system like VV and townies would gain various skills as we play these minigames with 'em?

And the other side is the casual side of the game.
And Casual side of the game is even worse-developed than freemium side. To be honest, there's almost NOTHING challenging in game to do.
There's town projects but you only give a minimal amount of money for a project and then your townies will work for the rest of the day. Soo? Is it even fun? They need to have a challenging puzlle. Maybe if they add minigames and skill system, townies would need to have some skill. Then you could use them for project and you'd need to solve some mechanism by yourself to actually complete project?

And my last suggestion for Casual Side is, to have a Majestic Puzzle!
A majestic puzzle is one which takes multiple player skills to complete and makes player proud of him/herself when he complete it.
For example, erecting the statue in VV3 was a majestic puzzle. something like that would really make game fun. I'm not sure if it's a good idea though, as mobile players usually not really into challenging things.

Sorry for long post, thanks for reading, G'day!

Edited by Hydra14 (06/05/17 12:01 PM)

#241540 - 06/10/17 04:02 PM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: Hydra14]
akard Offline

Registered: 01/01/16
Posts: 46
Loc: Texas
Wish the town members could have a kitchen bathroom etc and be able to interact with the different rooms have different types of food didn't know that the whole town is vegans

#241545 - 06/19/17 09:38 PM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: akard]
pth Offline

Registered: 09/06/13
Posts: 14
Let the townsfolk marry and have kids. It's kinda weird that the mayor and his/her child are the only ones that age.

#242268 - 08/20/18 04:17 PM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: pth]
pth Offline

Registered: 09/06/13
Posts: 14
How about blue jeans be and sandals for men and women, and tank tops for the men.

#243021 - 12/16/19 03:49 PM Re: Virtual Town Suggestions [Re: VirtuallyMe]
haberp Offline

Registered: 11/09/17
Posts: 3
I have the same problem.

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