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#225566 - 11/06/10 06:50 PM Re: Just wondering why there isn't much diversity [Re: Brina]
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Originally Posted By: Brina
Originally Posted By: MochaJew
Originally Posted By: Faeron
i meant that i would like for it to be "diverse" but easy programming meaning if that's what they gotta do to have a game right now then i'm happy.

and i agree with the part where you were saying which groups to add...

but thanks for the computer programming explanation!

When I said diverse, I meant in both skin colours, cultures, foods, maybe music, etc. You and I have spoken, so I know that you will understand that as a Bi-racial woman, when I say race, I human race and the various hues therefore. Since I raised this question, not only has Jazzo made a mod of africn american villagers, but someone send me one for Native Americans thatI am also going to try.

I don't have Virtual Villagers, I have Virtual Family, but I just asked the same question in the Virutal Family forum (new here) and someone directed me here. I, too, would like a diverse group of people in my adoptee pool. Not just white, not just black, but all kinds of realistic skin colors: Asian, Native American, Eastern Indian, African, European, etc... I'd actually been hoping for an African American skinned proposal so I could have an interracial couple, but when I kept getting only white proposals, I started to wonder if they didn't exist.

Does the developer ever make fixes/downloadable additions/updates? I would love a diversity update, because I find it really unfair to only have white characters in the game.

What it really comes down to is this: Would you rather have an update to add skin colors, or would you rather have new games keep coming out?
Reminder of the post explaining the how massive an update/change this would be: Click here
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#225615 - 11/08/10 11:45 PM Re: Just wondering, why there isen't much diversity [Re: kittenzan62]
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As a Native person and a big fan of The Blue Lagoon books, as I am playing these games I get a little uneasy with the cognitive dissonance too. Partly because the illustrations as well as the actual environments in the game look like a mixture of South Sea Islands and South American Indian. I find myself doing the same trick in my mind that Japanese readers do when manga illustrations of Japanese characters show them as blonde. I "know" the villagers are brown in "reality". I would love to actually, not just in my mind, see brown-skinned people on these islands. I honestly think I would prefer for them to take time out to update this, and then create new games. Of course not everyone will agree, I know.

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#225657 - 11/11/10 01:17 PM Re: Just wondering, why there isen't much diversity [Re: Taori]
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As has already been pointed out numerous times, there are several mods which can be used to change the looks of the characters (and objects) in your game(s). There are also several highly skilled modders in our community who delight in filling specific mod requests. laugh

Also, as has repeatedly been pointed out elsewhere, it would require massive programming to build diversity into the games. While it is possible, it would drive the cost of the games far beyond what the price point they have now. It would also greatly prolong development time.

In other words, it is possible, but not necessarily practical for the format of these games.
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#242800 - 04/04/19 08:12 AM Re: Just wondering, why there isen't much diversity [Re: Rockmower]
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I'm new to the forums but this topic interests me. I have no idea though if this thread is dead. I can't find a date for the most recent post or is it really 10 years old?

It seems to be the very first VV game I played, maybe it was the Lost Children? Anyway, when the villagers mated the young came out as a great combination of the two parents. No like the VVO2 Android version I've been playing. All the characters are very boringly the same.

I don't understand why you couldn't put in other islanders in all of these games of different nationalities. Think of the children who like playing these games and they NEVER see a representation of their own heritage. This is 2019, it's time you guys got up to speed here.

Thanks for reading.

#242817 - 04/24/19 01:28 AM Re: Just wondering, why there isen't much diversity [Re: Taori]
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i got so excited when i got a blonde baby. grin

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