I made this mod for my own use and decided to upload it, just in case anyone else wanted it, too.

This recolors all of the pots to be a very light green with thin, darker green stripes. In other words, the top pot has been recolored to a light green, and all the other pots have been replaced with that one.

There are a lot of mods that make the pots really colorful, but I love the flowers in this game, and I want the pots to be quiet little things that don't draw attention to themselves, so the color and pizzazz come from the FLOWERS.

To use this mod, go to your Plant Tycoon installation and rename pots.png to pots_BACKUP.png. Unzip pots.zip and put the pots.png file that gives you into your Plant Tycoon installation's Images folder. On most computers, this will be at C:Program Files\Plant Tycoon\Images.

This is how the pots look in Purplepaws' fabulous modded greenhouse:

And this is how they look in the regular greenhouse:

And here's a close-up of the pot:

This is a very simple recolor, but I like it.

pot.zip (332 downloads)
Description: pot.png

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