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#242930 - 08/01/19 10:57 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Utibe]
Hydra14 Offline

Registered: 04/05/15
Posts: 259
Okay, let me share my opinions.
I used to look forward for VF3 only because i didn't have anything better to do. But seeing how they confirm addition of an appealing story makes me actually excited for the game.
Other features are also interesting. I liked the idea of visiting my friends' families as it would simulate the good old days when i used to play Farmville, Pet Society and stuff cry but i doubt any of my friends would play this frown That's what people here for i guess.

#242936 - 08/12/19 12:16 AM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Rockmower]
SarahCraftMiller Offline

Registered: 06/01/19
Posts: 13
Loc: St. Louis, MO - USA
So, will you be able to choose the skin tone that you want your people to have, or will it be randomly selected for you? What about when you adopt a new child, will it be random or can you pick the skin color?

Also, can there be an option to change their name when you first get the people, no offense but your names are in most instances, ridiculous. Heh, heh!

Thanks for listening, as always!

I wish there were a boy and a girl themed options for baby stuff, like a crib, & a changing table for the bedroom, so that once the baby is out of momís arms, it would not have to move straight to a twin bed. In real life a 2-year-oldís room looks very different from a 6-year-oldís room, for example.

Any thoughts on being able to choose solid wall colors? In VF2 you are limited in how you can decorate each room based on the patterned wall paper that the game has permanently put in each room. This would allow for more freedom to use each room as we see fit & decorate using any color scheme we want. For example, the room with orange & brownish striped wall paper in VF2, does not look good using pink furniture for a girlís room, so I have to cover the walls & windows (to hide the orange curtains, too) with the same blue & pink hearts poster all over, to make the childrenís furniture look decent in that room. Does that make sense? Just like when selling a real home, the more basic the color story the easier that people can envision their belongings living in that house. If you left the rooms very basic it would force us to buy wall pictures, posters, bulletin boards, whatever, to decorate our homes. Just a suggestion.

I love this game & cannot WAIT for the VF3 version! I recently got the VF1 version & am playing them simultaneously because I love them so much! Iím at the point where Iíve done all I can do in them though, but I still love both of them! Thank you for a great game(s)!

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#242949 - 08/19/19 10:39 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Rockmower]
Anarose Offline

Registered: 02/02/13
Posts: 51
Loc: USA
Will there be a PC version of VF3? My husband and I were gifted an iPad for our 50th WA. So, should at least be able to play on that. Well, if I ever work out how to do that.
Enjoying the trip along the way :-)

#242950 - 08/20/19 01:26 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Anarose]
Tobie Offline

Registered: 09/09/06
Posts: 73
They said in this topic that there would be desktop versions of VF3, but they still haven't said when the game will be released.

Congrats on the 50th anniversary! That's wonderful! iPads are very easy to use, and LDW's games run great on them.

#242951 - 08/24/19 06:36 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Tobie]
SilkySpotanus Offline

Registered: 01/24/17
Posts: 30
Loc: India
Thank you guys so much for this update! I don't mind waiting, as long as the game is the best it can be smile
Life's mysteries make it wonderful. Silky Spotanus, Jalapa Maranta & Roseceae Fern FTW!

#243023 - 12/23/19 03:14 AM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: SilkySpotanus]
Rhah Offline

Registered: 03/27/19
Posts: 1
VF3 looks amazing, and features has me excited. Thank yíall for taking time for quality. I always love your games and quality is always very important to me. New engine is very exciting too.

Still hoping for another classic vv, like a vv6.

#243052 - 02/07/20 03:39 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: Rhah]
adalcasey Offline

Registered: 05/23/12
Posts: 3
Any new updates on VF3

#243058 - 02/17/20 07:08 AM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: adalcasey]
SilkySpotanus Offline

Registered: 01/24/17
Posts: 30
Loc: India
Not yet, but I'm hoping there will be an update sometime this year. smile
Life's mysteries make it wonderful. Silky Spotanus, Jalapa Maranta & Roseceae Fern FTW!

#243279 - 07/07/20 03:14 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: SilkySpotanus]
RainbowHead94 Offline

Registered: 02/20/20
Posts: 28
Loc: United States
Any new updates and bug fixes yet?

#243280 - 07/07/20 04:18 PM Re: VF3 Sneak Peek Discussion [Re: RainbowHead94]
LadyCFII Administrator Offline

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17498
Loc: Colorado
The game is still in public beta (Early Access). We don't yet have an estimate of when the game will be out of beta and released to everyone.

Beta testers will receive updates to the beta version as our development team makes them available on Google Play. The last beta update was at the end of last week.
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