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Aaaand we have the plot laugh
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Return to the famed and mystical island of Isola and be drawn into the latest sequel in the beloved Virtual Villagers series! In the wake of a volcanic terror on the neighboring island of Asura, a family has made their way to Isola seeking a new home. As their boat lands on the beach, they are greeted by a strange man and they begin to explore this mysterious new world.

The beautiful and curious island of Isola was once a paradise home to a thriving civilization but has gone to ruins and untamed jungle. The twists and turns will leave you discovering new, interactive, magical moments at every turn!

Nice!!! I can't wait to see how this turns out and what this game has in store for us! Sounds like it'll be interesting! Still so happy for the return of VV! Time to dust off the old android phone in preparation for this new game! (Personally not a big mobile fan. But, for VV, I think I can make an exception!) This is going to be great! Thanks for sharing this!