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#231820 - 10/08/12 09:11 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: Tina48]
Jrhtct Offline

Registered: 10/08/08
Posts: 8
Loc: Portugal
I think VV5 it's really awesome and that every series had been better than the previous, i'm hoping that a new it's announced soon...
Love the fact that we could have God Powers and that we needed to convert the heathens to our cause. :P

#231862 - 10/22/12 09:22 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: Jrhtct]
StarWarrior72 Offline

Registered: 10/21/12
Posts: 8
Yeah, I totally agree! VV5 was fantastic! I just wish that there was some kind of hairdresser... I know, it's totally ahead of the time. I'm not even the kind of person who spends their life at the hairdresser's! It's just that occasionally I get a villager I think is ludicrously hideous. You know?

#231930 - 12/01/12 09:08 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: StarWarrior72]
Hugo2424 Offline

Registered: 12/15/11
Posts: 50
I like the idea of a hair dresser. It's something to spend points on after you 'finish' the game. Adding features like in Origins would be amazing!
Virtual Villagers and Dance Central.

#232111 - 12/26/12 08:35 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: MsQueenyD743]
Novice Offline

Registered: 03/15/09
Posts: 1
This game must have been crafted with the aid of a psychologist; because it is addicting. The game is world class w/o violence.

#234727 - 05/31/13 03:19 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: Rockmower]
JoyS Offline

Registered: 05/30/13
Posts: 1
I love VV games, but I am stymied on VV5. I can't figure out what to do with necklace, dropped mask, missing eye in totem, pond that is empty of life, and how to convert the red masks and few remaining yellow masks. So where can I find tips on the forum? Most of what I am finding on this forum is about VF's which I am not playing yet. Need help here. Thanks

#234730 - 05/31/13 05:12 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: JoyS]
Xay Administrator Offline
Customer Support Director

Registered: 02/18/07
Posts: 2219
Loc: Colorado, US
You might find what you are looking for here on the VV5 forum, JoyS. smile
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#234967 - 06/08/13 07:36 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: VVFanatic]
VV3 girl123 Offline

Registered: 06/02/13
Posts: 264
Loc: The Wild West
Originally Posted By: VVFanatic
This is an amazing game I love the story ! I love how each game continues the new story to finally unmask the secrets of Isola ! Each game keeps getting better and better thank you LDW for making your amazing games ! you outdid yourself !
Tottaly Agree!!! grin grin grin
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#237291 - 07/17/14 05:03 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: Rockmower]
ErikB Offline

Registered: 07/17/14
Posts: 11
Loc: Netherlands
Overall I do love this game.
There are two things I like less:
1. In all VV games I played so far I take great pride in not letting anybody die before reaching masterhood in all skills (that includes peeps who dislike running, working, learning, or any combination thereof). I have my doubts whether this will be achievable in VV5 as I have many peeps without any devotion skills.
2. Once a person has reached Esteemed Elder it becomes pretty hard to tell when / whether they have made their fourth, fifth or sixth master.
Two things I like best:
1. The interface allows you to zap through the peeps in the game screen without having to go through the details screen
2. The game has a whole new aspect to it with adverseries (the heathens) that get in your way. Brilliant idea!!

#240905 - 10/12/16 08:45 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: ErikB]
Donel Purcella Offline

Registered: 10/07/16
Posts: 1
Loc: San Diego, CA
I completely agree with ErikB. I especially agree with point 2. I much prefer the designation of Scholar after achieving mastery of all skills (as in VV4) as opposed to Esteemed Elder. The Esteemed Elder designation makes it very difficult to determine whether master of skills 4-6 have been achieved.

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#241362 - 03/27/17 11:58 PM Re: So what do you think of VV5 New Believers? [Re: Donel Purcella]
Annthewhofan Offline
Fan Fiction Enthusiast

Registered: 03/09/07
Posts: 2469
Loc: Northwest, England
Ah I check it out not got it got up to no 4 I think unless I had 3 and no came out and seen it I bought a new computer so most of the games I had not got on my new computer but I get the latest ones as soon as I find the games site for the LDW

I try to in store the new game to try it out but the Bulldog shield keeps putting blocking it putting it away as a danger to my computer the Norton anti virus did not do that. not sure how I can get round it. if it comes available for my Apple device or android I get it on them devices

the App store on my iOS is listed but not available for download as the others are so I wait till it is as Apple when I type in the search, gave me the full title but its not listed to get. So I believe its in the progress then? laugh

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