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YES!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE WAITED ALL ETERNITY FOR THIS!!!!!!! It is about time! I was so bummed out when Virtual Villagers announced Fish Tycoon 2 instead of a new Virtual Villagers game and now I am once again ecstatic! I wonder what the theme is going to be this time! Whatever it is, I kind of hope they bring back god powers or some other type of powers because that was by far one of the best new additions to the Virtual Villagers franchise in my opinion! But I second JudasFm, I hope I do not need to spam impregnating the women of my village this time in order to beat the game. I also hope this is not an android exclusive, most importantly, as plans cost too much for android phones around here that I cannot afford, while I do have a laptop eager for new games! I can't wait until more news is presented to us! I really hope to hear some more about the game soon! Thank you for sharing this wonderful find! This just made my day! Man I am so excited!!! laugh

My thoughts exactly! I haven't posted in a while, but I do check the forums from time to time and I have to say that my childhood will finally be complete when VV6 comes out. grin