Hi, and thanks for checking out our forums! We really appreciate your support of indie game developers! We are a very small independent game studio with only a handful of people doing all of the things needed to bring you our games. We want to make sure that we're available to help everyone, so please read on to find the best way to get the help you need.

If you need help playing any of our games, the fastest way to get help is to post in the appropriate forum here, where there are lots of experienced players, as well as LDW people, who can give you some quick answers. We have sections dedicated to desktop games, iOS games, Android games, as well as special sections with game guides, game mods, etc. Click on Forum List above and scroll down to see everything that's here! laugh

If you need help with resolving a game issue, you should have a look at this post in our Technical Issues forum.

If you need help with a purchase or other issue that involves sensitive personal information, such as obtaining a game update or a game download, please submit a support ticket on our Help Desk. That help desk is set up to handle problems with everything from purchasing and installation to technical support for game problems, and is a secure method for handling issues with game purchases and downloads.

Please don't request game help from anyone at LDW by sending them a private message on these forums. We aren't set up to provide support that way, and our workload is often so high that we don't check our private messages for weeks at a time (particularly right after we launch a new game or game update).

Again, thanks for stopping by, and we hope you find what you needed here!
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