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#181411 - 01/10/09 02:58 PM Possible bug or just a complaint
marcy Offline

Registered: 01/04/09
Posts: 2
We have the Itouch version and I've had this happen a few times and this time just cost me $650 so im a tad annoyed.

There are 4 slots to hold things, I purchased the "unknown chemical" then decided to purchase the growth hormome to get babies old and sold so I had room to move fish around to use the chemical. Well i looked up and the darn growth hormone had taken the place of my chemical. Thats just not right, there are 2 open spots that it should have went into leaving my chemical to use when i wanted. Now i have spent 650 and have nothing to use ;o(((

The other thing I have found on this version (not played the other versions) is if you purchase meds which are 3 doses, use 1 dose find its the wrong thing, buy the other it replaces your 1st med so you lose 2 doses.

This shouldn't happen they are paid for they should go into empty slots.

So is this a bug with the iphone version or is it the way it should work?

#181415 - 01/10/09 03:29 PM Re: Possible bug or just a complaint [Re: marcy]
LadyCFII Administrator Offline

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17505
Loc: Colorado
The game was designed that way, and is the same in the Windows, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC versions, as well. The first slot is for food, the second for medicine, the third for chemicals, and the fourth for eggs. When you select something to purchase that would replace an item already in the toolbox, the game asks you if you want to replace the item occupying that slot. Unfortunately, many players automatically click OK without seeing that it's asking something other than if they want to purchase it.
Last Day of Work

#181427 - 01/10/09 06:45 PM Re: Possible bug or just a complaint [Re: LadyCFII]
Borg Offline
Brilliant Programmer

Registered: 01/27/07
Posts: 678
Loc: Maryland, USA
when i played this game years ago, i scratched my head on this one too.

in real life, if i buy two items in the same category, i get to keep both. this artificial limit in the game seemed wrong.

i dabble in programming. if i had to guess, my guess is the limit was not done as a punishment or to limit the player. it takes a lot to write a game, and often things are set up quickly just to get the game working. in this case it was easiest to just make 4 slots and have each slot hold some category of product. i think the plan was that if time permitted after the working version was up and running, a new system of slots could have been implemented with an unlimited number of slots, and arrow buttons to scroll through the products. but there are deadlines to meet. i've found that there is always one more bell or whistle that would be nice, but if programmers did not release products until every bell and whistle was incorporated, we would still be using the DOS operating system, writing our letters in wordstar, and the shelves of stores like gamestop would be mostly empty.

#182093 - 01/22/09 04:40 PM Re: Possible bug or just a complaint [Re: Borg]
FishBelly Offline

Registered: 01/15/09
Posts: 2
Hmm...I agree that you should not have to replace one meds for another when there are still 2 doses left. I click no to replacing my meds but then i don't get to buy it. So you still have to click yes if you want the medicine but it will automatically replace the other annoying when you don't have much cash to play with.

#230755 - 02/05/12 08:08 PM Re: Possible bug or just a complaint [Re: FishBelly]
boet Offline

Registered: 01/08/12
Posts: 39
Loc: Alaska
I have won this game several times now and one thing I think of frequently now is I wish there were more challenges or an update with something new to buy or... but the main thing - not to make it too easy. The medicine slot is as it should be - leaving one choice of medicine at a time. If I see I have the wrong medicine I look in all 3 tanks (or 2 if I haven't bought 2nd tank yet) to be sure I still don't need it. Than I replace it with what I need. Seems fair to have these challenges. It is a game after all.

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