Creators of game mods can now post their mods directly in the game mods forums. The following guidelines should help everyone enjoy the mods section and make it a useful place to browse and obtain game mods.

NOTE: Please do not discuss mods in this forum! This should be a place where it's easy to find mods, and discussion posts will defeat that purpose. If you find a problem with a mod, please send the creator of the mod a private message or post in the appropriate game forum for help. All mod requests should be made in the appropriate game forum.
  • Before posting your mod, it's helpful to create a standard set of files that will make it usable to the majority of our community:
    • A zip file containing your modified game images. If your zip file is larger than 2 MB, you will need to create multiple, smaller zip files. If the file is larger than 2MB, the forum software will create an empty attachment that cannot be downloaded. Also, attaching single .png or .jpg images makes it harder for people to use your mod, since the files must be renamed after downloading. Please note that if you use .rar or another file archive format, you will limit the number of people who can use your mod. Windows and Mac OS X natively support .zip files, and many users are not willing to install a separate utility to deal with other file compression methods.
    • One or more screen shots showing how your mod looks when installed in the game. This helps members of our community see what you've created before they take the time to download it. This can be especially important for the many members who use dial-up connections.
  • When you post your mod, include a description of what you've created that will help people understand what it does. You can get some ideas for composing your post by browsing the existing posts in the various mod forums.
  • If you don't know how to post screen shots, please refer to this post to see step-by-step instructions.

EDIT: Recently, we have been revamping the mods section, and it has come to our attention that many mods are no longer able to be downloaded, because the files (that the outside download link(s) point to) have been deleted. Sadly, this happens quite a bit, and a lot of people who like to use the mods miss out. Because of this, we have decided to modify our guidelines:
  • To make sure that mods continue to be available for everyone to enjoy, all mods should be attached to the mod post using the File Manager. Up to 5 attachments (2 MB in size) can be placed in one post, giving the poster up to 10 MB of mods before encountering a problem. This should be more than sufficient for most mods.
  • If any future mods are posted with outside download links, the modder will be contacted and will be given 1 week to correct the situation by attaching the mod to the mod post. If the modder has not done so, the mod will be moved to an admin area until the modder responds to the PM.
Questions can be PMed to Xay, and clarifications will be added to this post if warranted. - July 15, 2011, ~Xay

Have fun, and happy modding! laugh

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