Hello and welcome to all of you preparing to post your introductions! laugh We are all delighted that you have decided to join the forums and are looking forward to the chance to post greetings to you! laugh laugh laugh laugh

I have a few tips, that will help your introduction go smoothly:

First and foremost, PLEASE click on "Topic Options" at the top of this screen, then select "New Topic!" It will be much easier for you to find your individual greetings, and for the forum members to post individual greetings to you!

Second, Please include some basic information about yourself. We don't want a lot of identifying details. Things like:
-Whether you are a boy or girl.
-Where in the world you live (e.g. London; Missouri; Australia)
-If you work or are in school.
-If you are a parent or grandparent (especially if you have a new child/grand child).
-What hobbies/sports you enjoy.

Lastly, (and this is important) What LDW games you own and/or are planning to buy soon!

That's it! Once your done, just check in a day or so later and see what new friends you've met! laugh If you post in the middle of the week, you should be sure to recheck after the weekend. A lot of the forumers are only able to post on the weekend, so a lot of the greetings get done then! smile

I have included a sample Introduction that you can look at before you post your own! shocked


Hi everyone! I am Rockmower. I am a guy who lives in the Ozarks in Missouri, USA. I have two boys, three beautiful granddaughters and one handsome grandson! I live on a farm and have a Chocolate Lab named Ms. Carmen!

I am "semi-retired" and enjoy fishing and working in the garden. I own both VV1 and VV2, and really look forward to buying VV3 when it comes out! laugh laugh laugh

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