This thread contains a user modification for Plant Tycoon. These modifications (or Mods) have been created by users and are not supported by LDW. Use these modifications at your own risk. If using them causes problems for your game, please do not request support from LDW. Although many people are using this mod successfully, it may not work for everyone. It may also not work with versions of Plant Tycoon purchased from other online game sites, since memory locations often differ in those versions, due to the way the game has been repackaged by those sites. Make sure that you understand the risks of using this utility. It's also a good idea to back up your game files periodically.

The Constant Gardener
(a Plant Tycoon utility, by Borg)

Why? Who?
This utility is designed for players (such as me - I'm older than the dirt in the pots) with arthritis in their hands, or carpal tunnel, who have trouble putting soil in 15 pots (not too bad) and then watering all 15 pots (this is very uncomfortable for me).

How It Works:
Run Plant Tycoon.
Run The Constant Gardener utility.
Press ON.

What Does It Do:
Every half a second, the utility checks your pots for soil and water. It fills the pots with soil, and fills them with water to about 80% on the water meter.

Anything else I need to know?
Since each vendor of Plant Tycoon (BigFishGames, LDW, etc) stores the information on the pots in a slightly different place, and since I don't have each vendor's version of the program, the very first time the program is run, one must click "Tools" and then "Find Pots" to find the location of the pots in memory for that particular version. This only needs to be done the very first time the program is run. The latest version now works with LDW, BFG, and Reflexive versions of Plant Tycoon.

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