Courtesy of bethlham

Here is a list bethlham has compiled from the VV3 Events thread. Since this is only events that members have shared,
there may be some irregularities. If you have any changes, new events or other outcomes - feel free to let bethlham
know so that she can update her list. She hope this helps everyone!

A tablet with strange markings was found and the choices were:

A) focus research on tablet: Got a higher level of alchemy but at the expense of tech points
B) put it on display: villagers and kids gain research skill
C) Use for laundry: get super white clothes but writings wear away, villager isn't worried about it, adds laundry to likes
D) use for decoration: villager adds learning to likes

A) give them food: lost all food because they found food storage hut.
B) poke them with a stick: ants invade food, bite toes, villager adds ants to dislikes
C) watch it: gained learning, so that will be good for being a scientist later.

A) Sweep black ants away: Black ants left, invaded by red ants, who were hungrier. Lost food.
B) Let them be: lost 50 in food and gained "ants" as likes.

the villager felt something stinging him in bed.

A) Swat it:
B) Have a closer look: it turned out to be an ant fighting a poisonous spider. The ant defeats the spider and gives the villager a new appreciation for ants, adds ants to his like list

A) studied it: saw three lotus flowers, the potion puts them in a trance
B) ground it into powder: made my guy "see things in a new light", to the research table
to try these things out, gains research skill

A) Pick it up: a prick from the Starfish poked him, gained some skill .
B) Leave it alone: nothing happens

crate full of dark beans washes up on the shore

A) boil them as an infusion: they got a lot of energy from the drink., worked til they dropped (coffee), gain food and tech
B) grind to use beans as fertilizer: gave 1000 food on each tree in orchard.

looked cooked

A) eat them: gained about 300 food.OR run around then get stomachaches and headaches
B) make dye: the girl that found them dyed her dress

A) Open it: provided food, then my villager had to be healed becuz the tarantula bit her.

mysterious vial carved from soild crystal with sweet smelling fragrant liquid found on beach

A) taste it: gain insight and tech points
B) take it back to the village: find fertility potion rose + lotus + lotus OR find energy potion orchid + lotus + lily
C) throw it away: smashes it with no consequence

was teasing the sharks. Women showed up so the daring villager thought he should step his game and swim with the sharks and grab some fin. Should he swim with sharks or re-think his plan?

A) re-think his plan: found a plausible excuse to scrap the plan and while the ladies were disappointed they were relieved for his safety.
B) Swim with sharks: crab bites his toes, adds swimming and crowds to dislikes OR ladies become enamoured with daredevil, gains parenting skill

One night, as Pod is just falling asleep, he starts hearing the gentle, whispering voice of a beautiful lady clad in white gossamer. She whispers, " When the heart and mind are one,
the spirit and body are in balance. Seek your inner harmony, my child! What a strange dream! What can this mean?

A) Study the ways of Nature: gain farming skill
B) Study the Healing arts: gain healing skill

while sleeping villager hears gentle whisper of wizened old man clad in white robes saying "Believe in yourself, my child! Focus your mind but be tempered by your heart. Seek the power of your will, for through your will made manifest are great works forged!"

A) become preoccupied with research
B) become inspired by architecture: gain building skill

A) set in bracelet: makes you popular, earned parenting skill.
B) grind it: drink with coconut milk, villager became a RUNNER!!!, get health boost

Cold air was coming thru hut

A) pick beeswax to cover hole: the bees work on replacing the lost wax instead of makng honey. Lost food.
B) use tree sap to cover hole: damages the tree from the orchard

Lately he has been longing to find a new master to study with, because little child believes that adult is too mean. Stay with the current teacher or find a new teacher.

A) find a new teacher new master is much meaner than the last one. He is miserable and finally runs away. Gains much farming skill and a little building skill but dislikes learning.
B) stay with current teacher: adds learning to villagers likes


a girl courting a boy and she wanted to give him a gift.

A) carve him a knife: she got pregnant
B) give him a shark tooth necklace: girl quietly approaches him, surprising him a bit, and then, with a broad smile, produces a striking necklace of shark teeth and shells. He graciously accepts the gift, but, sensing the intent behind it, he gently explains that, although he likes her as a friend, he is fated for another.

a boy liked a girl:

A) give her a shell necklace: she turned him down.
B) give her flowers: gets pregnant

villager found a mango floating near the shore, then she saw a giant papaya further in the ocean

A) keep the mango: gain 300 food
B) swim out to the papaya: stashed the mango. Papaya was rotten, and mango went missing. Lost 200ish? food [got both, gain food?]

The villager had abdominal pain and fever. Villagers were able to partially translate an ancient scroll left by original inhabitants that describes the illness exactly but the procedure for cure is very dangerous and barely within tribes technical reach.

A) let it run its course: the villager recovered but not completely. She continued to have pain and difficulty standing or walking for long periods.
B)perform surgery: villager dies OR Viola! The villager was cured!

One day, while conducting research, Tuitui is relentlessly harassed by a noisy, squawking bird. So persistent is the bird, that it would almost seem that it is deliberately trying to disrupt research!

A) Scare the bird away: the bird left without doing any damage.
B) Leave the bird alone: person found that the bird had a piece of paper in his claw which was a recipe to give more energy, black orchid + tiger lily + cactus.

looks like a bad omen

A) do a dance in the rain: she caught a cold and doctor healed her. OR good luck and secretly believes they have warded off ill-fate.
B) go tell the tribe: makes the villager a hero and adds "crowds" to likes


A) throw food at them: gave them food and they got in the habit of swimming up to the beach looking for food, so someone had to discourage them. Lose food.
B) just watch them: the villager learned a new recipe and gained farming.

villager sees a strange and beautiful red starfish in a tide pool.

A) pick it up: the villager feels a sting, drops it, becomes a klutz and loses some skill points.
B) leave it alone: nothing

A) confront him: villager loses her memory
B) watch him work: he notices you watching, tells you "Don't worry, I'm doing you a favour, you'll thank me later." then mixes potions and leaves, you earn 1000 tech points OR he left, taking some glowing stones with him.

finds jelly in addition to honey wants to use it on banana sandwich, which vial should be used to carry the jelly

A) use a clear vial: It tasted bad, and it was "sensitive to sunlight"
B) chose a dark vial from the lab: villager enjoyed the yummy jelly, which also cured a cold that she didn't actually have

asks 'What can this mean?'? Either continue watching or show the rest of the tribe.

A) keep watching: villagers patience was rewarded as she sees another. She keeps it up and developes patience and observational skills. Villager becomes adept scientist.
B) show the tribe:

One fine day, Tilli is sitting near the beach admiring her lovely and luxurious hair, but lamenting her long skinny legs. "Oh why must I have such skinny legs? Legs such as these are not befitting of a lovely young woman with glorious locks such as mine!" she wails. Just then, a very pesky bee decides to buzz around her head angrily. She is afraid she might be stung. What is she to do?

A) run to the water: Tilli decides that enough is enough, and makes her move. In one swift motion, she is on her feet and sprinting at full speed towards the water, leaving the bee far behind. Realizing how much faster she had been than the bee, she smiles broadly. "That was fun!" she exclaims. "Perhaps these long legs of mine aren't such a bad thing after all!" Thereafter, Tilli can often be seen running around the village just for the fun of it. Now she runs while doing everything!
B) swat at the bee: it stung her and she got ill. But then she's dead. And on the roster, the cause is "Unknown causes" OR bee sticks in villagers hair, she loses health and dislikes bees.

all the villager's went to the shore line, and one villager kept telling them to move away

A) get the flopping fish : lose villagers OR gain food and lose no villagers
B) take advice of elderly and go up high: no consequence


Non-choice Events:

ANTS: invade food supply. All the villagers crowded around the food hut stomping on ants

BARREL OF BABIES: get 1,2 or 3 kids

CANOE FROM THE OTHER SHORE: brings male adept builder

CRYSTAL OF REFLECTION: gazes at stone, feels calm and serene, feels negative energy leave, becomes aware of another hand, looks up...sees twin with same skills, opposite likes/dislikes who acts 'sinister'

JELLYFISH: villagers got thier health lowered from the stings.

MUSHROOM CELEBRATION: dancing and cake for 500th mushroom picked

MYSTERIOUS FOG: 1. lost all my food. 2.gained food . 3. lifted and they found a bunch of research stuff scattered around. got 2000 tech points.4. It took away all my tech points

MYSTERIOUS VIAL: 1. one villager became three villagers OR 2. turns into a kid! (kid keeps skill gained as adult) OR 3. kid turns 50 and is adept researcher/healer

THE REFLECTION IN THE WATER: One of the villagers is looking at his own reflection in some calm water, when to his astonishment, a handsome couple appears in the reflection. They are dressed in royal colors, adorned with feathers. They look... sad. He spins around, but nobody is there, and the reflection is, once again, his alone.

THICK AS PEA SOUP: A thick fog moves in. Villagers can barely see. Makes it hard to get chores done.

TSUNAMI: still ocean receades as if it's drying up, crash! lose villagers

YELLOW IGUANAS/GECKOS: ate all the pests in the huts, so the villagers felt healthier and focuses on nature and gains farming skill


Annual Events:

BLESSING DAY: dancing and a feast, danced around near the fire 'Honoring the guiding hand'. Lose food.

A COLD SNAP: everybody to the fire to get warm

DAY OF HONOR. the villagers honor those who have passed on.

HEAT WAVE: made them stop work until they went into a hut

ISOLA DAY CELEBRATION: Much dancing in the amphitheater! Praise the Guiding Hand.

OPPRESSIVE HUMIDITY: which made it difficult for workers.

THE RAINY SEASON: It marked the beginning of the season with an afternoon monsoon. Lots of rain.

THE SALTY AIR: A freak wind blows up salt laden sand from nearby salt flats. Villagers must hide to protect their eyes.

THE SCIENCE FAIR: the kids watch researchers and play in the lab so they can later have their own science fair.

THE SPRING BLOOSOM: The flowers on a tree flowered, so the bees made more honey.

SPRING SEASON: all the flowers bloomed, villagers suffer from hay fever

STATE OF THE VILLAGE ADDRESS: village gathers at the amphitheater for lecture
Last Day of Work