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#94929 - 09/11/07 01:11 AM [MAJOR SPOILERS] Plant Tycoon Breeding Charts
LadyCFII Administrator Offline

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17504
Loc: Colorado
The attached Excel spreadsheet was prepared by Borg, and is a complete guide to breeding all of the plants in Plant Tycoon, including the identification of the 6 Magic Plants.

This latest edition, updated on September 21, 2007, contains plant prices, images of each plant and flower type, and a new function on the PRICES tab that will do calculations to show you all of the plants you can produce, after you input the plants and seeds that you now have. The 9/21 update allows you the option of manually updating the data after you have entered all of your plants/seeds, instead of doing the updates as you enter your information. This will greatly speed up your data entry, although it won't speed up the update, once you've pressed the button. \:\)

The plant prices are not the starting price of the plant, as set by the game, but represent a higher value that you should be able to sell the plants for under ideal circumstances, after getting a specific Magic Plant.

Thanks, Borg, for all your hard work on this chart!

NOTE!! Users who don't have Microsoft Excel will not be able to use all of the features of this file. You can find a free Excel Viewer for Windows on Microsoft's Web site here. For Windows and Mac users who don't want to use Excel files, please see a PDF alternative that is available to you in the post below this one.

The following is a screen shot of the new feature, as well as Borg's instructions for using it:

How it works:

step 1) press Clear All button
step 2) use mouse or cursor keys to select a cell on the grid of a plant you have
step 3) press Add Plant button. selected cell turns green which means you have that plant.
step 3a) use Remove Plant if you make a mistake
step 4) repeat steps (2) and (3) for all the plants you have
step 5) save worksheet so you don't have to start from scratch next time

Use mouse or cursor keys to select yellow cells (these are plants you don't have but could breed from the plants you have). in the big box at the bottom will be instructions how to breed the plant the most efficient way, based on the plants you own.

Note: if you have a fast computer and your plants are all close to each other on the grid, this utility is quite fast (seconds). if you have a slow computer and your plants are on opposite edges of the grid, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight to complete. so if you have a lot of plants all over the map, and see the hourglass symbol, and it does not go away, the program is not stuck. go have dinner or go to bed, and with luck it will be done when you get back.

PRIMER ON PLANT BREEDING: How to get the plant you want

Let's take a look at what happens when you breed two plants.

Example 1 - One plant is to the right and above the other plant:

Here I breed a venomous reptans with a spotted gladiatus (they are in green). Notice all the plants I can make (in yellow) using just those two beginning plants. The yellow area forms a right triangle with the right angle always at the lower right and the two green cells always at the top right and lower left.

Example 2 - One plant is to the right and below the other plant:

In this case, the yellow area always forms a triangle with a straight right side; a top side that always slopes downward at a 45 degree angle; and a left side that connects the two initial plants.

There are two special cases of the above examples that work as well:
Example 3 - One plant is directly above the other plant

Example 4 - One plant is to the right of the other plant

To make a specific plant, you will always need to start with two plants on opposite sides of the plant you want to make. You could have two plants like in example 1 - one below and to the left of the plant you want and the other above and to the right. Or you could have two plants like in example 2 - one above and to the left of the plant you want, and the other below and to the right. Or you could start with plants directly above and below or right and left of the plant you want. If your current set of plants do not meet the above requirements, there are still two options. Using sfrose's wonderful seed catalog, find the pictures of the seeds for the plants that you need and see if the "store" is selling any. The store restocks their seeds every 24 hours. The other option is to mutate a plant to get what you need.

Attachments (53437 downloads)

Last Day of Work

#96700 - 09/17/07 12:55 AM Re: [MAJOR SPOILERS] Plant Tycoon Breeding Charts [Re: LadyCFII]
LadyCFII Administrator Offline

Registered: 10/07/04
Posts: 17504
Loc: Colorado
Jazzo has converted portions of Borg's spreadsheet to PDF format for people who don't have Excel and don't want to install the free Excel Viewer.

Click the attachment to see the PDF file.

2294-Borg'sChart.pdf (23087 downloads)
2452-Plant_Tycoon_Breeder_Pictures.pdf (19064 downloads)

Edited by LadyCFII (10/03/07 09:31 PM)
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