First, I absolutely love your games! I bought all of them on my Windows OS laptop, most of them about ten years ago, and the more recent ones when they became available. The problem is I don't really use my laptop anymore except for work. For games, I generally use my Chromebook 2in1 or my Kindle Fire.

So my first question is, will you please put Plant Tycoon on either the Fire or Android formats? Of all the games this one is my absolute favorite. I use to play it for hours, and I would totally buy it again if it became available. Do you have any plans to do this in the future?

My second question is, do you have any plans for a Plant Tycoon sequel? I waited forever for a Fish Tycoon sequel and it was well worth the wait! It would be awesome if you could launch a Plant Tycoon 2!

And my last question is, will you be launching any more of the Virtual Villager games on Fire OS?

Thank you so much for your time!
Stay Safe!