I grew up with Virtual Villagers and love LDWs games, however the series isn't very accessible as someone who wants to purchase them on Steam. Virtual Villagers 4 and 5 are completely missing from Steam, as well as the paid version of Virtual Villagers Origins 2. Personally, I didn't even know that the paid version of Origins 2 existed and it wouldn't surprise me if newer fans of the series had no idea of the existence of 4 or 5. It would probably encourage more people to buy those titles if they were added to the Last Day of Work bundle, or at least placed in a separate bundle with the whole series. Additionally, the fact that Last Day of Work has two separate publisher/developer pages, each containing different games, makes it confusing to find other games by them. Sorry for the dumb question if there is some obvious licensing issue preventing their addition to Steam, it just seems strange to me that I can't get some of my favorite games on the world's biggest distribution platform.