I was so glad when fish tycoon 2 finally came to steam... but there are a few inconsistencies between the mobile version and the steam version.

the shell that appears in the other version does not appear on the steam version. which is a bummer.

you can not make extra money or gems watching videos on steam, it's not even an option in the game. So when you finally get to the goal of buying the plant of incubation... you realize it isn't going to be possible. Not for a very long time.

You have to wait until you rack up enough daily rewards. (I am on day 9 and day 28 is my next for sure day to get the gems... and it doesn't say how many I will get so I will have to wait an additional 7 days to get more gems to beat this goal(and that is assuming that the calendar starts over on steam and doesn't freeze))

Those are my two biggest issues with the game. My only chance to get them before that is if I am lucky enough to get gems in one of the treasure chest daily rewards. And that seems unlikely.

The funny thing is, right before this goal popped up I had accidentally unlocked the Magical golden guppy (my second magical fish)... so now I have a quick way to rack up coins while I wait... which is something I am glad about.

I really wish goals would roll, so you can move on to the next treasure chest, or something... because if there are a lot of "gem" based quests- that's going to take away from the game a lot. I know mobile gaming is more popular with gaming industry right now... but I like gaming on my computer significantly more. so I hope an update for this game will run out on steam soon to address some of these issues.

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