Hey Guys and Gals,
GBU all2.
I am "trying" to get my 10 Jack of Trades.
I am on my 3rd. "restarting" tribe.
The 1st. tribe, I had 2 that "came close", but died "before" I got the Youth power up.
Then 2nd tribe, I got an "elder"
On this 3rd tribe, I have the 4 "Masters" of each trade converted, with "all" almost all 5 skills in "Masters". I "reborn" 4 and I have 6 peeps "in the waiting wings."
My question is this: How do I get them, when they "become of working ages" again, to become Jack of Trades "before" they become "Elders" when they "Master" the rest of their skills?
GBU and yours.