Are you tired of the same old Heathen Masks, maybe a change in the lab items is well overdue. Well here's a solution. The TRIBAL (MEGA) MOD completely overhauls heathen masks givign them a new look. It also changes the player details/map screen's. Other additions include wall writing and updates to the hand itself.

But Wait! This mod is only a WIP, version 1.0 has just been released. This mod will be updated as new content is added.

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Images Version 1.0
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Heathen Masks

The Lab

The Hand

The Details Page

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Any suggestions/comments can come in the form of a PM. Great suggestions will get included at some point if they aren;t too difficult to implement

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Virtual Villager Tribal mod PART (388 downloads)
Virtual Villager Tribal mod PART (343 downloads)

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