Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases

Posted by: callielee

Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases - 10/09/19 09:26 PM

Is anyone else plating VV origins 2 without in app purchases, on a desktop or laptop with a purchased game? I am, and it has it's own challenges.
Posted by: JudasFm

Re: Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases - 10/22/19 06:11 AM

We can do that??
I've been playing it on Steam for free. Previous games cost about 19.99, so I allow myself to spend that much on in-app purchases to support the developers wink
If I'd known there was a purchasable version, I'd have bought that from the start...
Posted by: CWE

Re: Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases - 11/12/19 09:16 PM

I bought my version from a game company before I knew about you guys or the forums. I like the game, but have had some challenges figuring things out. I used a hint from the forum (from the "ios") but it got me pointed in the right direction, so I'm happy.
Posted by: cindylouwho

Re: Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases - 12/12/19 08:54 PM

Just wanted to mention here that if you let your village die out, you lose EVERYTHING, including purchased material. I thought I had mine on pause, but when I clicked on it accidentally it popped up with a new game and you do NOT get to keep your stuff. Just wanted to mention this. Plus, if there aren't ever going to be more updates for the PC, the prices should be lowered dramatically, especially since you can't retain purchased items when you do something dumb like letting your entire village die out because you thought you had it on pause.
Posted by: KeeganAdministrator

Re: Playing WITHOUT in-app-purchases - 12/12/19 09:08 PM

Hi Cindy! We're sorry to hear that your villagers passed away.

In-app purchases for the Lemur and Heron (and their homes) will always remain in your game, even if your villagers pass away. The only in-app purchases that can't be restored are ones for Lavastones, as these are a consumable currency.

Additionally, any puzzle progress you've made should also still be present in your game, unless you chose to manually reset your game (in the Options menu).

If you have further questions about your game, we recommend that you contact us through Customer Support, so we can investigate it for you. Just click on the 'gear' icon and then 'Help' to send us a message or email, along with your User ID (which you'll find in the Options menu).

We look forward to hearing from you!