Alternative Universe / Reboot Theory? [SPOILERS]

Posted by: Hydra14

Alternative Universe / Reboot Theory? [SPOILERS] - 06/24/19 08:46 PM

Okay i am making this thread to discuss something that's been bugging me for a good while. Change of magic fish. Have that happened in, like 2008, it would create a heaven of controversy. But it got unnoticed as the community is next to dead now. So if there's any other high-functioning LDW lover like me, what do you think about it?

I got shocked when i saw different magic fish in FT2. I think the purpose was to have a whole new breeding mechanic and to keep game fresh and fun for people who already played the first game. But i was still in shock as old magic fish have already appeared in VV3. Also VV1 and VV2 each had one magic fish in their puzzles.

Then VVO2 came out, with a whole new story. What does that mean?
I have always been bothered with how 5 chapters in VV series each had tendency to produce new plot points rather than exploring older ones, leaving us by a lot of question marks. I was still OK with it as i was expecting questions to be answered by future games. but look at what these future games did to me laugh FT2 has new magic fish and VVO2 has a rewritten plot. I can see that best thing to do with VVO2 was revisiting the story all from beginning and releasing chapters as updates but what exactly was the point of adding krakken???
It was never mentioned before. And many of the things from original VVs don't seem to exist in VVO2's universe. Do you think it might be a reboot? If it is, will we ever find out what happened to lost Golden Child? How Chief is still alive while her daughter, princess of nature is a ghost? WhO the magic is Biggles? Where did adults from VV2 went? Who are we controlling in Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon? (I must write a fan fiction grin)

By the way i also noticed that it is not the first time it happened. Original Plant Tycoon from Palm OS devices had only 4 magic plants and probably were different. I wanted to play it myself in an emulator and see but i am not willing to pay 6,99 for that I don't have time. I wonder if will we get new magic plants (a PT2?whistle) Virtual Town has Legendary Black Orchid and also has Fabled Rose of Isola mentioned. But it was before FT2 and VVO2 so i am not sure if reboot waves affected plants or not. I found out that there are plants in chapter two of VVO2 but i haven't finished chapter one yet.

Sooo, i am sorry for ones who will read such a long post, have a nice day smile