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07/08/15 10:33 PM Important information about beta testing by MissKathy

Hello! We have made some changes to our beta testing program, and have decided to start over with our beta tester database. We’re doing this because we've seen a very high failure rate when we have sent out beta test invitations for the last couple of beta tests. Most of the beta tester applications in our database were received many years ago, and the majority of the email addresses in our database are no longer valid. As a result, as many as 80% of our invitations come back as undeliverable, and it seems best to just start over with a new database.

We have also updated our Beta Tester Application to be more in line with our current game testing needs. If you are at least 18 years old, and are interested in beta testing our games, please submit a new Beta Tester Application (even if you have applied to be a beta tester in the past). Please follow the instructions on that page carefully, since we will discard incomplete applications. We anticipate a beta test for a new game later this year, and we want to have enough beta testers in our database to invite to the beta test!

We are currently contacting people who have tested for us in the past. If you have tested for us in the past, have been contacted about updating your info and have done so, there is no need to complete a new application. If anyone who has tested for us before doesn't hear from us in the next few weeks and you’re still interested in beta testing, the easiest way to re-establish contact is to either log in to the beta test forum (if you’ve tested since early 2009) and check the update post there, or simply submit another application and note in the comments that you’ve tested for us before.

Thank you! smile

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01/22/15 06:09 PM Previews Pages updated (finally)! by LadyCFII

Hello, everyone! I wanted to let you all know that we have just finished updating our Previews Pages to reflect what we're actually working on. These are long overdue, so we hope that you take a look at what's there and that you like what you see.

We will try to keep these updated and accurate, adding new bits of information as we have them.

You can see the new pages for the games that we're working on here and here!

We have also created two new discussion topics in the Developer Feedback Forum for you to share your thoughts about these new games:

Mystery Game

Virtual Families 3

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06/16/14 03:48 PM Virtual Families 2 on Steam Greenlight by Arthur

Hi Everyone!

How are you all doing? I'm great, thanks. Working on something new from Italy for the next few months...more details soon.

Listen, a lot of you fine folks have asked for us to get some more of our newer games up on Steam (they stopped taking our games after a while a couple years ago...I'm not sure why). Well, we just listed it on Steam's Greenlight program, which means if enough people vote YES on it, it will be made available for sale on Steam.

I personally love Steam and I find it a very convenient way to buy/store/play games. If you'd like to support us, or you'd like to see VF2 (and eventually the missing VV games?) up on Steam, please take a few seconds to hop over there and vote YES on the game. You can use the link below.

I'll update everyone as to how it is going and if/when it gets approved. Thanks, as always, for everyone's wonderful loving and continued support!!

Here is the link: Virtual Families 2 Greenlight


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05/15/13 10:35 PM Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House for Android!!! by LadyCFII

Hello, Android users! Make sure to check out Arthur's post and link to the just-released Android version on Facebook! We've been working very hard to bring it to you as soon as we could! laugh

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05/06/13 05:35 PM Please read if you need help with our games! by LadyCFII

Hi, and thanks for checking out our forums! We really appreciate your support of indie game developers! We are a very small independent game studio with only a handful of people doing all of the things needed to bring you our games. We want to make sure that we're available to help everyone, so please read on to find the best way to get the help you need.

If you need help playing any of our games, the fastest way to get help is to post in the appropriate forum here, where there are lots of experienced players, as well as LDW people, who can give you some quick answers. We have sections dedicated to desktop games, iOS games, Android games, as well as special sections with game guides, game mods, etc. Click on Forum List above and scroll down to see everything that's here! laugh

If you need help with resolving a game issue, you should have a look at this post in our Technical Issues forum.

If you need help with a purchase or other issue that involves sensitive personal information, such as obtaining a game update or a game download, please submit a support ticket on our Help Desk. That help desk is set up to handle problems with everything from purchasing and installation to technical support for game problems, and is a secure method for handling issues with game purchases and downloads.

Please don't request game help from anyone at LDW by sending them a private message on these forums. We aren't set up to provide support that way, and our workload is often so high that we don't check our private messages for weeks at a time (particularly right after we launch a new game or game update).

Again, thanks for stopping by, and we hope you find what you needed here!

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